Demotex Ltd., Veliko Tarnovo specializes in the production of pleats and in the trade of materials and accessories for the textile industry, working for domestic, as well as international markets.

 The company has high-performance modern pleating machines. The lengthy experience of the company makes it possible to mold a wide variety of fabrics and shapes of the details.

 The pleating machines we have, make over 120 different kinds of pleats. They can pleat both individual details and a group of details / incl. irregular shapes /, bands and fabric on rolls or cut-outs . The maximum width of the work area is 152 cm, in which the details or fabrics can be located. When pleating cloth on rolls, the pleat must always be perpendicular to the thick sidelines of the fabric. When pleating details with hem, it is recommended for it to be made before pleating.

 We can pleat both synthetic and artificial materials, as well as materials with mixed content. Also, we can make pleats of natural materials, including artificial and natural leather. We recommend that, for each specific material, tests for the pleating parameters to be made, in order to achieve the desired pleat qualities. Demotex Ltd. can work both with materials provided by the client, as well as with its own fabrics.

 Our priority is to adhere to the client's requirements for quality and timely execution of the placed orders.

 The company also executes individual orders.

 The shown pleat samples are only tentative of both pleat type and size.

 We can make pleats with internal dimensions (invisible parts) from 2mm to 4cm.

 In terms of external dimensions, we have no limit on number, sequence or dimensions ( from 1 mm. upward).

 We can make pleats, starting from a specific place, skipping particular parts, as required, in sequence and dimensions, according to the customer's instructions.